For Adventurers:

Window Seat Stories is a monthly box for book lovers. A feast of delicious poems, short stories, letterpress art, books, and more will arrive at your door every month.

* Enjoy an escape into lush, innovative storytelling

* Support the arts

* Discover rare and talented new authors and artists

* Read new books before anybody else can get ’em

* Never suffer from that dull, aching “nothing-to-read” feeling ever again!

For Authors & Artists:

Help create a new publishing model that’s immediate and artist-driven. Shorter pieces will receive a dollar per each box that goes out with their piece in it; books will receive two dollars. That may not sound like much, but if we have 500 subscribers, your poem makes $500 right away; if we have 10,000, your book makes $20,000. You can then sell your work in our online bookstore for a much larger royalty, without waiting (or hoping) for an advance to pay out.

* Keep your copyright

* Don’t wait for royalties, or struggle to negotiate an advance

* Get help with marketing – we’ll be promoting this work as hard as you do!

* Be a part of a curated, cutting-edge community of artisans

Get updates along the way and find out when we launch! No spam, total privacy. We promise.


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